Our mission is to provide quality treatment services for opiate dependant persons. The Primary purpose is to assist patients in attaining the highest level of functioning in physical, emotional, vocational and social structures. It is our vision is to provide treatment services in a private setting that respects the dignity of those we serve. Our treatment philosophy is based on the understanding that opiate dependence is a primary disorder that can be treated successfully with medication, counseling and supportive services.  Through counseling, we advocate and promote behavior modification and teach responsible decision-making to improve the quality of lives of those people we serve and, to empower them to resume productive lifestyles.

 We also provide services at this location for the physicians offices of the Stockton Medical Group.  More information about this may be found at:  http://www.stocktonmedgroup.org/.

This website is provided as an outlet for the patients and community to gain information about methadone and other medication assisted treatment options.  Note this site contains information from many 3rd party sources and may not reflect the ideas of CATAR Clinic.  In an effort to provide a source of open communication this website should be able to provide links to various sources to help educate the community, and provide an outlet for those affected by drug addiction or abuse.


One feature we provide through the website is Emergency Email notification.  If you would like to be notified in advance of any time that the clinic may be closed (due to ice or other weather conditions), please add your number to our EMERGENCY list named "Clinic Alerts".  Additionally if you would like more frequent information about the clinic or other website activites, please signup for our "Website News" notification list.  We may send out reminders of online activities and other interesting facts.


Please note:  The resources on this site are available for anyone.  Signing up is not required, all information published by the members is their own responsibility.  We attempt to keep names and especially email addresses confidential, but any information posted should be considered public information.


The Website is provided as a resource for the clinic patients and interested persons.


Members of the website are encouraged NOT to use any personally identifiable information.  A point system is used to track involvement and may be used as encouragement to promote self help activities to help with individual or group discussion topics.




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