CATAR Clinic has been providing Medication Treatment and Counseling services in Central Arkansas since 1994. We serve persons addicted to the opioid or morphine class of drugs. This includes pain medications, prescription and heroin.

Our patients benefit from comprehensive treatment including methadone or buprenorphine, individual counseling, support groups and and other support and self help activities.

Methadone is a drug commonly used to treat opiate dependance. Our facility is not for the treatment of non-opioid drug addictions to substances like alcohol, marijuana or cocaine. However we commonly find that many our patients suffer from poly substance abuse and while our primary focus is Opiates, we do treat people for more than just this class of drug.

If you or someone you know has a problem with opiates and you would like more information, please call and ask for a counselor to discuss our program and see if you qualify for our program.

For our North Little Rock clinic, please call: (501) 664-7833.

For our Hot Springs location, please call: (501) 463-9565

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Facts about CATAR Clinic.

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